Equipment Catalogue

Cutting Tools

Deep C Diamond Wire Saw

The Deep C® Diamond Wire Saw is a lightweight and robust cutting tool for ROV and SUV® interface.

  • Light weighted and easily maneuverable by ROV
  • Cutting capacity up to 18”
  • Cutting speed up to 40 mm per min
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Deep C ROV Rotary Saw

The Deep C® ROV Rotary Saw uses purpose built carbide or diamond cutting blades and can cut through most materials.

  • Versatile tool for cutting on complex surfaces
  • Cutting blades up to 14” diameter
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Stanley ROV Grinder

The Stanley 9” ROV Grinder is a widely used tool in the industry for cutting, grinding and brushing.

  • Portable handheld tool
  • Wide variety of blades and brushes available off the shelf
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WebTool Soft Line Cutter

The WebTool Soft Line Cutter is a heavy duty hydraulically operated soft and fiber line cutting tool

  • Open side design permits fast, efficient cutting
  • Lightweight construction
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Deep C Drum Cutter

The Deep C Drum Cutter is an excellent tool for hard material such as clay, rock, grout or concrete. The design makes it ideal for break, cut or trim of different profiles, trenches, hard soil excavation and demolition.

  • Efficient material removal
  • Low vibration
  • High production rate
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Deep C Concrete Breaker

The Deep C Concrete Breaker is a powerful chissel hammer. It is intended to be operated by Deep C SUV or ROV for demolition of structures, such as concrete, grout or rocks.

  • Operated by Deep C SUV or ROV
  • Can be fitted with different chisel types/ Sizes
  • Low weight and easy to install
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