Equipment Catalogue

Dredging & Trenching

Deep C Subsea Dredge

The Deep C Subsea Dredge is a stand alone dredge unit, positioned on the seafloor and powered from the surface through an electrical umbilical. A suction hose is connected to the dredge unit and provides great outreach for the suction nozzle.

  • Powerful dredge with unrestricted flow up to 16"
  • Low deck space and minimum manning requirements
  • ROV and Diver friendly
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Deep C ROV Jet Trenching Skid

The Deep C ROV Trenching skid is a highly cost efficient solution for trenching of umbilical. The trenching skid requires only power from the ROV, hence no topside equipment or additional cabling to seafloor is needed

  • Efficient trenching of umbilicals
  • Soil depth adjusted to project requirements
  • Compatible to most work class ROVs
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Deep C ROV Dredge

The Deep C ROV Dredge is a compact and light weighted dredging unit, mounted to and powered by an ROV.

  • Perfect match with ROV hydraulic output
  • Unrestricted dredge size up to 10"
  • Easily mobilized to any work class ROV
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Deep C Diver Dredge

The Deep C Diver Dredge is a stand alone dredging unit, hydraulically powered from the surface. It is an efficient tool allowing the diver to work in a safe environment.

  • Low deck space requirements
  • Unrestricted dredge sizes up to 10"
  • Diver friendly, including ergonomically friendly suction heads
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Deep C Subsea Utility Vehicle

The Deep C® Subsea Utility Vehicle (SUV®) is a powerful and remotely operated subsea tracked vehicle. The Deep C® SUV® has great capacity to execute numerous tasks, and shift between working modes while being submerged. Its low ground pressure and stability makes it very mobile on seafloor and stable in operation

  • Powerful dredging and excavation systems
  • Versatile tooling operations
  • Low ground pressure and great stability
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Deep C Blower

The Deep C Blower is superior to any other mass flow excavation tools in the market. It can be operated at any water depth, and the special designed nozzle provides high removal capacity, avoids excessive fluidization of seabed, and provides visibility throughout the operation.

  • Electrically driven from surface
  • Independent of any guide wire or clump weights
  • Features heading control and auto heading
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Deep C Pile Dredrging

Deep C Pile Dredging is an efficient tool for dredging and cleaning inside subsea piles. The Pile Dredge is a specialized suction head designed to meet your requirements for pile size and soil depth.

  • Deep water capability
  • Simultaneous dredging, sediment disitegration and cleaning
  • Unique design which will avoid suction head to be blocked
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Deep C Jumbo Dredge

The Deep C Jumbo Dredge is a mass flow excavation tool, utilizing high volume suction flow. The Deep C Jumbo Dredge diversifies from conventional mass flow excavation by controlled suction and disposal of sediments. This method provides several advantages such as, no fluidisation of seabed, controlled excavation target, avoids trench backfilling, maintains good visilibility.

  • High flow suction with unrestricted diameter up to 30”
  • Controlled disposal of sediments
  • No need for diver or ROV intervention
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Merlin ZIP Pump

The Merlin ZIP pump is a jetting and excavation system that can be used in three modes; suction, jetting and combined.

  • Easily mounted to most WROV
  • Reverse flush for suction nozzle
  • Provides up to 600 liter/ 8 bar jetting
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Deep C ROV Manipulator

The Deep C ROV Manipulator is a five-function manipulator, designed for rough use and for easy fit to WROV.

  • Heavy duty ROV operations
  • Dredging operations
  • Grapper tool
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