Equipment Catalogue

Hydraulic Systems

Deep C Subsea Power Station

The Deep C® Seabed Power Station is a modular system which can be configured based on project requirements. The Subsea HPU is deployed to the seabed and work as a local hydraulic power station at great water depths.

  • Configurations with power up to 400 HP available
  • Extensive flexibility for valve outlets and instrumentation
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Deep C Subsea HPU

The Deep C® Subsea HPU is hydraulic pump powered by an electrical subsea motors, and can be integrated in Deep C® Subsea Dredge, Deep C® SUV and Deep C® Subsea Power Station.

  • Hydraulic pressure up to 350 bar
  • Suitable for deep water applications
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Deep C HPU Intensifier

The Deep C HPU Intensifier is a high flow dual acting unit which is capable of 56 lpm flow on the high pressure end. The intensifier is mounted to an ROV friendly skid.

  • Outlet pressure up to 800 bar
  • ROV firendly skid with manometer, manifold and pressure reducing valve
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Deep C ROV Manifold Block

The Deep C® ROV Manifold block is a light weighted and compact unit to add prevention for polluting ROV main system when operating external ROV Tools

  • Up to 210 bar pressure and 40 lpm flow
  • Allows on/off control
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Dirty Work Pack

Deep C's Dirty Work Pack is a compact unit, with well proven components Integrated and service friendly With all hydraulic connections in the end.

  • Built in pressure relief valve
  • 66% utilization of supplied flow rate
  • Soft start function integrated
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Deep C® provides a wide range of oil compensators/ reservoirs for subsea use which can be configured for various pressure.

  • Volume from 0,1 to 18 liters
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Hot Stab Systems

Deep C® provides a range of hot stab systems for multiple purposes.

  • High pressure and high flow
  • ISO/ API Standards
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Deep C Hi Flow Hot Stab

The Deep C Ø55 Hi Flow Hot stab is designed to provide full working pressure, not limited to compensator pressure.

  • ROV Tooling
  • Fluid Injection
  • Diver friendly
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