Equipment Catalogue

Mass Flow Excavation

Deep C Blower

The Deep C Blower is superior to any other mass flow excavation tools in the market. It can be operated at any water depth, and the special designed nozzle provides high removal capacity, avoids excessive fluidization of seabed, and provides visibility throughout the operation.

  • Electrically driven from surface
  • Independent of any guide wires or clump weights
  • Features heading control and auto heading
  • Allows vessel to operate in free heading
  • Sonar, camera and light forward and aft
  • Minimum deck space for deployment, storage and landing
  • High pressure jetting system for clay cutting
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Deep C Jumbo Dredge

The Deep C Jumbo Dredge is a mass flow excavation tool, utilizing high volume suction flow. The Deep C Jumbo Dredge diversifies from conventional mass flow excavation by controlled suction and disposal of sediments. This method provides several advantages such as, no fluidisation of seabed, controlled excavation target, avoids trench backfilling, maintains good visibility.

  • High flow suction with unrestricted diameter up to 30”
  • Controlled disposal of sediments
  • Auto heading and heading control
  • No need for diver or ROV intervention
  • Sonar and camera for live monitoring
  • Jetting capacity for cohesive seabed
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