Subsea Utility Vehicle – Technical Capabilities

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Deep C Subsea Utility Vehicle – Technical Capabilities

Physical dimensions

Length  4500 mm

Width:  3200 mm

Height:  3000 mm

Weight in water:  7 500 kg (typical config)


Power sources

Various configurations upto 490 kW (subsea)

Can freely be utilized for dredging, hydraulics and jetting


Manipulator configuration

Interchangeable manipulators for various purposes (i.e long reach, heavy duty ops, interchangeable tooling etc)


Traction & Turret

360 degree rotation on turret

Low ground pressure for soft seabed (typically 10 kPa)

Step less speed 0-6 km/h


Lights and cameras


Pitch/Roll Sensor



Live 3D Visualisation System


Dredging System

Up to 16» unrestricted dredging system

Remotely operated back flush

Quick connect for suction and exhaust hose

Available mechanical aids and jetting systems for disintegration of clay


Other available features

Range of SUV tooling

Extensive electronic interface, (i.e survey kits,

additional instrumentation etc)

Very flexible for project specific configuration