Deep C launches ground breaking subsea jetting technology!

posted: January 30th, 2015

Deep C has completed successful testing of Deep C High Pressure Jetting System. Deep C High Pressure Jetting System will be used for various purposes subsea, such as concrete breaking, cutting, injection and complex cleaning operations. The system is unique because it places the pump system on the ocean floor and replaces conventional solutions, which is operated via a pump from the surface and requires considerable deck space and manual handling.
Deep C Subsea High Pressure Jetting System delivers 200 liters per minute at 1000 bar, and can be operated up to 2500 bar. The system is powered electrically from the surface via an umbilical, and requires only a winch and a 10 foot container topside. By moving the pumping system to the seabed, energy loss is significantly reduced for subsea jetting operations, and the system is capable to operate at greater depths than existing systems.
The system requires minimal equipment on deck, which provides significant savings during mobilization and installation onboard the vessel. By reduced deck space requirements, vessels may also mobilize more equipment for other operations, thereby saving considerable expense for transit to and from the mobilization port.
The solution also adds several HSE contributions. Personnel on deck will not be exposed to pressurized equipment on deck, and personnel intervention is greatly reduced.
Deep C Subsea High Pressure System can, in addition to stand alone solution, also be integrated into other existing Deep C subsea systems, such as the Deep C Subsea Utility Vehicle. Deep C Subsea Utility Vehicle can already perform dredging and operation of a variety of hydraulic tools. Deep C can now provide unique solutions that combine a wide range of tasks that can be performed on the seabed. This will significantly save vessel time and number of crane operations.
Deep C Subsea High Pressure Jetting System is currently under mobilization as an integrated component inside the Deep C Subsea Utility Vehicle for a decommissioning campaign in March 2015..

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