Seabed Intervention

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Deep C is a seabed intervention specialist who tailor superior turn key solutions for your needs. Our capabilities are successfully demonstrated through an extensive and impressive track record. Being a specialist, means that Deep C offers solutions which combine the best of seabed intervention technology, operational know-how and in-depth engineering expertise.


Seabed Intervention Engineering


Deep C SUV


Dredging & Trenching


Mass Flow Excavation

  • Leveling and precision dredging
  • Trenching and free span rectification
  • Deburial and back-filling
  • Spud can preparations
  • Pipeline Intervention
  • Removal of rock dump, boulders,debris
  • Removal of grouting and solid rock beds
  • Relocation of drill cuttings
  • Civil excavation work
  • Long transport distance and surface recovery