Deep C® operates globally through our own facilities in Norway and can mobilize world wide. We have experience with operations on all 5 continents.

Contact one of our offices and we will remain at your assistance.

General Contact Info

24/7 Duty phone: 

03505 (Norway)
+47 71 58 32 28 (International)


Stavanger, Norway

Visiting address:
Kvernevik Business Park
Kvernevik Ring 177, Entrance B
4048 Hafrsfjord
Stavanger, NO

Telephone: 03505

Kristiansund, Norway (HQ)

Visiting address:
Deep C Solutions AS
Verkstedveien 1b
6517 Kristiansund N, Norway
Telephone: 03505

Harlingen, The Netherlands

Visiting address:
Deep C Solutions AS
De Rietgans 32
8862LT Harlingen
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 611 955 722