Deep C® Pile Dredge

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The Deep C® Pile Dredge is a dredging unit with jetting and washing capabilities. Electrically driven pumps provide the power to excavate and jet piles at any depth. Effective suction pumps remove the soil from the pile. Water jetting with 360 patterns fluidize the soil sediments inside the pile and distribute efficient jetting power. Water jetting can also be distributed to washing system to further clean the pipe walls. Switching from jetting to washing mode is done by operationg two ROV valves using the ROV manipulator. To be Used together with LY-01 (Lifting Yoke).

Technical specifications

Diameter 1610 mm
Height 8490 mm
Weight in air 3830 kgs*
Weight in water 2800 kgs
Power supply As per PDU/Power Pump
Dredging Through 14” suction pipe
Water supply 30 lpm ” up to 20 bar through 4” Jetting & Washing pipes

* ) includes weight of rigging