Deep C® Merlin Zip Pump

  • Rapid switching from suction to jetting
  • Robust proven design
  • Reverse of flushing suction nozzle

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The Deep C Merlin Zip Dredging and Jetting pump can be used for a various variety of applications. The pump consist of a robust and ROV friendly design. The pump size is small and built in material that keeps the weight low.


  • Dredging seabed material
  • Water jetting
  • Removal of soft marine growth
  • Clearing of subsea manifolds

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH): 499 mm x 257 mm x 298 mm
Weight in air 40 kg
Weight submerged 17 kg
Min/Max supply pressure motor 170/250 Bar
Min/Max supply flow motor 65/110 l/min
Min/Max supply Actuator 120/240 Bar
Jetting performance 600 l/min @ 8 Bar
Suction flow 2000-4000 l/min
Solid removal rate 10 < 40 ton per hour

Transport Dimensions

Length 720 mm
Width 680 mm
Height 620 mm
Weight 75 kgs