Deep C® Chop Saw

  • Operational by ROV or Diver Intervention
  • Flight Case Transportable
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Compact and can be fitted in various configurations
  • Blade protection Guard

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The Deep C® Chop Saw is a powerful tool designed to be used subsea. It is custom built to be reliable in operation as a cutting solution for tubular or box section. It can be fitted with a variety of cutting discs which make this tool indispensable to any marine intervention.

Technical specifications

Type of saw Subsea saw, 60 (2.5″) – 228 mm (9″)
Weight 120 kg
Weight submerged 90 kg
Height/Lenght 1453 mm
Width 746 mm
Cutting diameter 60-228 mm
Cutting speed 15-300 RPM
Hydraulic volume 30-60 liters a minute
Work pressure 110 Bar
Max. hydraulic pressure 225 (peak)
Hydraulic connections Quick release hoses x 4



  • Cutting of carious metals, pipes, stell profiles and wires up to 228 mm
  • Fully automated hydraulics
  • Decommissioning and IRM workscopes