Deep C® ROV Trenching Skid

  • Efficient trenching of umbilical
  • Soil depth adjusted to project requirements
  • Require only power from ROV, hence no additional downlines or topside equipment required
  • Skid is neutrally buoyant in water
  • Adjustable center of gravity
  • Various connection interface for different ROV types

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The Deep C® ROV Trenching Skid is a highly cost efficient solution for trenching of umbilicals. The trenching system is skidded to any WROV, and requires only hydraulic from ROV to operate. Two swords with jetting nozzles are lowered on each side of the umbilical, flushing the cable down to desired soil depth. The Deep C ROV Trenching Skid requires no deck space or manning, and is very easy to mobilise.

Technical specifications


Standard set up


Trenching depth

Down to 1 meter

Adjusted by length of swords

Trenched cable diameter

Up to 120 mm

Adjusted by distance between swords

Seabed conditions

Gravel, sand, silt, soft clay

For cohesive sediments
various configurations are available

ROV mechanical interface

Various connection types available

Various connection types available

ROV hydraulic interface

Jetting pumps 60 lpm/ 180 bar
Jetting lance position 5 lpm/ 10 bar

Depending on ROV capacity
Jetting lance position 5 lpm/ 10 bar

Cable positioning/ monitoring

Guiding reels
Trench depth indicator

Guiding reels
Trench depth indicator
Project specific requirements


Total height 690 mm
Operational height without ROV adapters 575 mm
Maximum width including lifting ears 1830 mm
Operational width 1800 mm
Maximum operational length 4900 mm
Transport length 3300 mm