Deep C® 4m3 Subsea Grab

  • Deep water capability
  • Remotely operated
  • High maneuverability
  • Easy maintenance

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Deep C® 4m3 Subsea Grab is a multipurpose tool for clearance of seabed. It is designed to be a reliable tool in heavy duty conditions, and requires minimum maintenance in operation. The grab is hydraulically driven by two different alternative systems: subsea hot stab or hydraulic power from top side.


  • Relocation of boulders
  • Clay excavation
  • Removal of debris
  • Seabed dredging

Technical specifications

Volume 4m3
SWL 20 000 kgs
Dimensions Closed 2740 mm ; Closed 3830 mm
Cylinders 5
Maximum flow 190 l/min
Pressure range 160-350 Bar

Available complementary equipment:

  • Topside HPU and reel
  • Hot stab system for ROV operations
  • ROV Dirty Work Pack
  • Chutes for over boarding of down lines
  • Subsea recovery baskets
  • Bespoke solutions

Transport dimensions:


Diameter 2540 mm
Width 3680 mm
Heigth 2690 mm
Weight 7500 kgs