Deep C® AnchorZip 10

  • High efficient water pump

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The AnchorZip 10 is designed as a high efficiency water pump for moving large quantities of water at relatively low pressures. Its main application is in the deployment and retrieval of suction anchors and piles.

Technical specifications


Hydraulic motor input
276 Bar (4000 psi)
70 litres per minute (15 USgpm)
Weight in air 30 kg (66lb)
Weight in water 14 kg (31 lb)
Materials Stainless steel, Nylacast, UHMWPE
Minimum pressure 70 Bar (1000 psi)
Maximum pressure 240 Bar (3480 psi)
Typical differential pressure Up to 9.5 Bar (140 psi)
Typical Suction flow Up to 80 cubic metres per hour at 7.5 Bar
Anchor port connection Spuare flange with 72 mm port
Minimum hose diameter 72 mm (2,8”)