Deep C® Subsea Power Station

  • High capacity subsea hydraulic power pack for various external tooling/equipment
  • Subsea dredging systems
  • Subsea High Pressure Jetting for concrete cutting, marine growth removal, injection etc
  • Subsea monitoring
  • All of the above in combination in one deployment

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Deep C® Subsea Power Station is a highly versatile subsea power pack. The spread consists of a topside Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and a winch witg umbilical which provides power and signal to the subsea unit. The subsea unit carries up to 480 kW electrical power, wkick can be freely used for various purposes. Futhermore, the subsea power station has extensive capacity to operate subsea survey and monitoring equipment.


Dimensions (LxWxH) 2700mm x 2100mm x 2600mm
Weight (air) 3200 kgs*
Weight (water) 2500 kgs*
Power stations Up to 480 kW available system without need for additional downlines. Power can be freely utilized for project specific configurations
Instrumentation Spare fiber in umbilical for multiplexer EVP with 21 connectors for: 4 off camera, 4 off lights, 1 off Sonar, 1 off Gyro, 2 off pan/tilit, 9 off for various sensors and alarm system
Hydraulic pressure jetting system 300 kW electrical motor
200 lpm @ 1000 bar
Max 2500 bar

Technical specifications

Hydraulic system:
Hydraulic pressure 135 > 350 bar
Valve pack 1:
1 x NG 6 Pressure relies valve
2 x NG 10 Proportional valve
7 x NG 6 Proportional valve
Valve pack 2:
1 x NG 6 Pressure relies valve
2 x NG 10 Proportional valve
7 x NG 6 Proportional valve

Various Deep C dredging systems available
Panels for hydraulic connections (hot stab)
Hose set ups and nozzle systems for jetting
Customized solutions

Deployment to seabed by vessel crane
Guide funnels available for deployment through moon pool

Several Deep C® Systems can be operated from one single topside spread, allowing you to bring a tool box offshore with minimum mobilization.

Deep C® Systems consists of standardized and interchangeable components.

Deep C® Systems are very flexible for project specific configuratios and will be optimized to meet your actual requirements.


Topside Spread


PDU Container – Main system (LxWxH)
6000 mm x 2400 mm x 2700 mm
9000 kg
PDU Container HP Jetting System*
3000 mm x 2400 mm x 2700 mm
5000 kg
Umbilical Winch (LxWxH)
2400 mm x 3500 mm x 2500 mm
13000 kg
Umbilical Chute (LxWxH)
2200 mm x 900 mm x 1800 mm
1000 kg

*) Only required when High Pressure Jetting System is utilized