Deep C® Grinder

  • Operated by a diver or ROV
  • Can be fitted with a large variety of tools
  • Low Weight
  • Easy to install
  • ROV-friendly handle

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The Deep C® grinder is a portable tool, designed to be used by ROVs and divers. It can be fitted with a high variety of cutting discs, wire or nylon brushes, which make this tool to be indispensable to any marine intervention.


  • Cutting & Grinding of steel material
  • Cleaning
  • Marine growth removal

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LxW): 230 mm x 230 mm
Weight in air 6.8 kgs
Capacity 7″ or 9″ disks
Speed 2700 rpm
Arbor 5/8″ UNC
Flow 15-38 L/min
Optimum flow 34 L/min
Pressure 70-175 Bar
Connection JIC

Transport Dimensions


Length 800 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 400 mm
Weight 25 kgs