Deep C® SUV Telescopic Manipulator

  • Extendable
  • Lateral swing to both sides
  • Can be fitted with various tools and equipment
  • Linear and swing sensors for monitoring
  • Can easily be extended

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The Deep C® Telescopic SUV Manipulator provides SUV flexibility and opportunity to reach into areas with difficult access. The manipulator has a large variety of outreach and is easy to maneuverer even with fully extendable arm.
The manipulator also have a wide range of applications and can be equipped with different tools and equipment which makes it suitable for use in various operations.


  • Handling of suction hose
  • Handling of a various cutting tool
  • Operation of jetting lances
  • Different type of grabs and buckets used
  • Operation of breakers

Technical specifications


Standard range without suction head (with extension) Min 3625 mm / Max 7060 mm
Standard range with suction head (with extension on arm) 9000 mm
Max sideways swing 60 degrees (30 degrees both ways)
Rec oil flow 30 l/min
Extension pulling
Pushing force
42 kN
23 kN
Working pressure 24 MPa
Weight 885 kg