Deep C® Heavy Duty SUV® Manipulator

  • High force
  • High rotation angles
  • Sensors for monitoring
  • To be equipped with several tools
  • Quick release for tooling

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Deep C® HD SUV® Manipulator consists of a robust design and is intended to be used for various tasks. The manipulator design makes it well suited for operation of heavy equipment. This allows the manipulator to be suitable for a wide range of different equipment. The manipulators quick release makes replacement between tools and equipment easy.

Technical specifications

Dimensions 5000 mm from king bolt
Weight 850 kgs
Swing 30 degrees each side (60 degrees total)
Power requirements 13,5 < 30 lpm / 150 Bar
Angle Sensor 3 x NG 360
Swing Sensor 1 x 295
Lift capacities at Ground level 1320 kgs


  • Dredging with suction head
  • Excavation of sand, rocks and clay
  • Breaking rock, concrete and grout
  • Water jetting concrete, grout and marine grove
  • Cutting of structure etc.