Deep C® Drum Cutter

  • Efficient material removal
  • Low vibration
  • Low energy impact cutting action
  • High production rate

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The Deep C® Drum Cutter is an excellent tool for hard material such as clay, rock, grout or concrete. The design makes it ideal to be used to break, cut and trim of different profiles, trenches , hard soil excavation, soft rock excavation, demolition, and dredging.

The drum cutter is mounted to the arm on the SUV. The rotating drums with carbide bits are doing the actual cutting work which offer good to excellent performance and it`s suitable tool for any application requiring hard materials to be cut or ground away in an efficient and precise manner.


  • Cutting of trenches in hard ground
  • Demolition of concrete and grout
  • Cutting of profiles
  • Any kind of rock excavation

Technical specifications


Weight 310 kg
Rated power 30 kW
Recommended rotation speed 110 rpm
Recommended oil flow 52 l/min
Maximum oil flaw at 10 Bar 90 l/min
Maximum operation oil pressure 350 Bar
Torque at 210 Bar 1600 Nm
Torque at 350 Bar 2600 Nm
Cutting force at 210 Bar 8900 N
Cutting force at 350 Bar 14900 N

Drum cutter dimensions:


Length of drum cutter 805 mm
Width of cutting head 610 mm
Diametewr of cutting head 370 mm
Number of picks 64 pcs