Deep C® HD Hydraulic Breaker

  • Simple and robust
  • Low noise
  • Protection against dust and overload
  • Heavy duty
  • Energy efficient

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The Deep C® HD Hydraulic Breaker is designed to be operated by Deep C® SUV®. It is robust and efficient for breaking solid structures on the seabed.


  • Rock Breaking
  • Different demotion jobs
  • Concrete removal

Technical specifications

Carrier weight class 6.5-13 tons
Weight in air 440 kgs
Oil flow 55-100 lpm
Operating pressure 100-150 Bar
Impact rate 500-1250 blows/min
Working tool diameter 95 mm
Working tool length 470 mm
Max. hydraulic input power 25 kW
Sound power level guaranteed 122 dB
Sound pressure level (r=10m) 94 dB

Transport Dimensions

Length 1400 mm
Width 570 mm
Height 570 mm
Weight 440 kgs