Deep C® Subsea HP Jetting

  • Can be operated as stand alone, or integrated in Deep C SUV or Deep C Subsea Dredge
  • Deep water capability
  • Minimum installation time and deck space required
  • Wide range of applications, such as concrete cutting, complex cleaning operations and high pressure testing

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The Deep C® Subsea HP Jetting System, is deployed to the seafloor and powered from the surface via an electrical umbilical. Utilization is maximized as the pump is placed at the sea bottom, avoiding significant energy loss by avoiding jetting supply from topside. The set up requires minimum equipment on deck, hence saving significant amount of time for mobilization, and minimizing deck space requirements. Furthermore, higher safety for personnel on deck is achieved, as no equipment (or hoses) are pressurized on deck.

Pump specifications

Operating pressure 970 Bar
Pressure max 2500 Bar
Operating flow (970 Bar) 168 l/min
Rod force 200 000 N
Power rating 300 kW

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH) 4500mm x 3200mm x 3000mm
Weight (air)
Weight (water)
3200 kgs
2500 kgs
Operational modes Stand alone unit deployed to seafloor.
Integrated in Deep C® Subsea Utility Vehicle*
Integrated in Deep C® Subsea Dredge*
Power interface (vessel) 1 off 2×520 A, 60 Hz, 440 V (PDU)
1 off 3×125 A, 60 Hz, 440 V (Winch)
1 off 16 A, 220 V (Light)
Deployment Deployment to seabed by vessel crane SNV 2.7-3 certified, 4,5 Hs.
Guide funnels available for deployment through moon pool.
Associated equipment/services Range of jetting nozzles/lances available.
Subsea HP jetting hose reel.
Stabbing systems for subsea quick connection.
Coating removal tools.
Bespoke manipulating tools/equipment.
Customized solutions.
Other The subsea unit is prepared for interfacing various instumentation (such as cameras, sonars etc) and carries additional power which provides the possibility to combine HP Jetting with other working modes (such as dredging, subsea HPU etc)

*) No additional downlines required when integrated in Deep C® SUV® or Deep C® Subsea Dredge

Topside Spread

PDU Container HP Jetting System

3000 mm x 2400 mm x 2700 mm
5000 kg

Umbilical Winch ( Lx W x H )*

2400 mm x 3500 mm x 2500 mm
13000 kg

Umbilical Chute ( Lx W x H )

2200 mm x 900 mm x 1800 mm
1000 kg

*) Separate winch not required when Deep C HP Jetting system is integrated in Deep C SUV, Deep C Subsea Dredge.

Several Deep C® Systems can be operated from one single topside spread, allowing you to bring a tool box offshore with minimum mobilization

Deep C® Systems consists of standardized and interchangeable components

Deep C® Systems are very flexible for project specific configurations and will be optimized to meet your actual requirements