Deep C® SPRT 700

  • 6” unrestricted suction
  • Powered via topside HPU and High Pressure Jetting Unit via bundled umbilical
  • Rotating high pressure nozzles and prepared for interfacing to topside high pressure jetting pump if harder material need to be dredged or cleaned
  • Adjustable guide bars 700 mm to 1500 mm
  • Project specific jetting ring to suit pile dimension

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The Deep C® Soil Plug Removal Tool (SPRT) is a dredging unit capable of fluidize soils and with washing functions. The unit can also be hooked up to a HP jetting pump to remove marine growth, surface corrotion or harder sediments. The electrically drive dredging pump is designed to remove fluidized sediments. The rotating jetting head ensure that soil removal and cleaning functions can be performed on a 360° pattern.

The Deep C® SPRT is fully controlled through an electrical umbilical from the topside. Operations with the SPRT are operated via one single lift and performs simultaneous operations, with no subsea rigging and/or ROV intervention requirement. Deck footprint- and offshore personnel requirement are also kept to a minimum.