Deep C® ROV Manipulator

  • Robust design
  • Simple interface to ROV.
  • Interchangeable claws.
  • Various sizes and porpoises for claws.
  • 5 functions


Hei dette er fra nettsiden – Deep C ROV Manipulator

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The Deep C® ROV Manipulator is a five-function manipulator, designed for rough use and for easy fit to WROV.


  • Heavy duty WROV operation
  • Dredging operation
  • Grabber tool

Technical specifications

Size 1314 mm x 921 mm x 1325 mm
Weight in air 120 kg
Weight submerged 95 kg
Grip size 10″ < 16″
Capacity 175 liters
Work pressure 180-250 Bar
Functions Tilt, lift, rotation, grip, swing
Hydraulic connection 10 off JIC 6

Transport Dimensions

Length 1700 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 700 mm
Weight 150 kgs