Deep C® ROV Rotary Saw

  • Operated by ROV.
  • All inclusive in aluminum case.
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • ROV-friendly handle.

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The Deep C® ROV Rotary Saw is a powerful tool, designed to be used by ROVs. It is custom built to be reliable in operation as grinding, cutting, of different equipment located on the subsea installations. It can be fitted with a high variety of cutting discs, which make this tool to be indispensable to any marine intervention.


  • Grinding and cutting of steel structures
  • Cutting of wire ropes
  • Concrete cutting

Technical specifications

Dimensions (LxW) 260 mmx 400 mm
Weight in air 13 kgs
Capacity 7″ to 14″ Disks
– Grinding
– Cutting
1100 rpm
320 rpm
Flow Max 50 l/min
Pressure 210 Bar
Connection 8 JCI


Transport Dimensions

Length 800 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 600 mm
– Grinding
– Cutting
25 kgs
320 rpm